tutortouch is proud to introduce the EK Series interactive panels

Transformative learning with GMS certification and exciting new features.

Transformative learning with GMS certification and exciting new features.

tutortouch’s GMS certification signifies seamless integration with Google’s suite of services such as Google play, Gmail, Google teaching apps and other essential Google applications. This certification ensures that users can access a wide range of educational content, applications, and tools from the Google ecosystem enhancing the overall learning experience.

The EK series introduces powerful new features like, increased performance with an upgraded CPU, Wi-Fi – 6E connectivity, Type-C multi connectivity and multi display support for both HDMI and Type-C.

Empowering Education through innovative technology solutions

Make every moment more productive with the new ultrafast 8 core CPU running on the Android 13 operating system ensuring faster performance. The hidden Wi-Fi module provides ultra smooth connection with Wi-Fi 6E which has no antennas protruding or other distractions while using the EK series interactive panels.

The built in Bytello operating system provides access to a vast collection of productivity and collaboration tools with built in Google Management Systems to ensure seamless integration with your school account. Bytello OS is compatible with Google and Microsoft as well as any device, laptop, or desktop computer.

Maximise your productivity with the type-c multi connectivity that provides instant access to all connected devices, plug in just one cable and connect to laptops, webcams, microphones, speakers and USB drives. Enjoy 4k video transmission at 60Hz+ and up to 100w of power to keep your laptop/ devices fully charged.

Tech-Driven learning, future-focused excellence

In addition to all the new features tutortouch also offers full support through various channels like WhatsApp, a help desk and ticketing system and YouTube as well as customised training sessions for both the IT staff and teachers. By giving you full support and training sessions we encourage the use of the tutortouch panels to their fullest potential, ensuring user and student engagement in this ever changing and evolving tech driver world.

If you would like to find out more or get an obligation free demo feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist,

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