Early years foundation stage

The EYFS concept aims to encourage focused learning at floor level, offering slip-resistant carpeting and cushioned mats suitable for lying, reclining, kneeling, and squatting. Complementing this setup are low tables like the triangular TriTable-II or the cylindrical Gugl table, designed for floor-level instruction. Optional pen receptacles can be included in the cover panel.

Edushift offers a large range options for EYFS.

If you would like to see more options, please contact Edushift and we will be delighted to discuss your needs and suggest a suitable solution for your classroom.

Cloud Bean bags

Cloud Beanbag

Soft seating

leaf tent

Leaf tent

Floor friends

Shift Up

Shift up

Platform for floor-level learning



Seating with integrated storage space

floor friends


Multifunctional sitting and play elements

Padded mats

Shift+ Landscape

Padded mats, carpets & back support rolls

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