Classroom Storage

Customised Classroom Storage Solutions

Your classroom items are securely stored in our state-of-the-art solutions. With a wide range of options, we can provide solutions which are lockable as well as open, to allow students to access their items whilst keeping teacher supplies secure.

Role of adaptable storage

In creating flexible and multifunctional storage,  we ensure a classroom can cater to the teachers and learners’ needs.

Keeping the classroom tidy and organised enables flexible teaching and helps keep your tools at your finger tips, saving time searching for items.

When conceptualising an educational environment, the right storage solution should elegantly organise, unify, and complement any space. With a diverse selection of modular storage systems including specialised shelving and mobile cupboards, we are certain that you will find storage that works for your school or organisation.

Innovative Design

Our modular systems are comprised of storage units crafted to provide personalisation and versatility. From cupboards to filing systems, each design in our collection lends itself to a range of configurations, allowing you to meet the needs of your space. Whether you need some comprehensive classroom storage or solutions for large, multipurpose spaces, our selection of custom options allow for a seamless transition while maximising use of space.

Edushift can offer a large range of storage options for both student and teacher

If you would like to see more options, please contact Edushift and we will be delighted to discuss your needs and suggest a suitable solution for your classroom.

SpaceWalk G

Mobile storage module with
a guide system for Gratnells boxes

SpaceStation G

Stationary, wall-mounted storage module with a guide system for Gratnells boxes.

Shift+ Landscape

Mobile cabinet elements with
doors for specialist rooms

Shift+ Straight

Mobile cabinet

Shift+ Landscape

Mobile storage cabinets

Shift+ Module

Mobile shelf unit

Shift+ Ottoman

Soft seating elements

Serie 600

Cupboard. Open cupboard. Storage module

Serie 600

Storage module

UnoBean module

Mobile shelf unit

Serie 600

Shoe and bag storage

Serie 600

Paper & Hand Craft Mobile Storage

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