Future-Aligned Teaching Methods

To effectively teach 21st-century core competencies, it’s crucial to employ teaching methods that align with our future educational objectives. Recognising the interconnectedness of learning and the learning environment underscores the need to create spaces that foster student growth.

Vital Role of Adaptable Furniture

In creating flexible and multifunctional learning spaces, school furniture plays a vital role. The Shift+ base table elements and Shift+ landscape stowage and seat modules offer ideal solutions for furnishing adaptable environments, providing the necessary flexibility and functionality essential for dynamic educational settings.

Innovative student-centric furniture

Innovative school furniture, exemplified by the Shift+ base and Shift+ landscape modules, enables educators to craft environments that facilitate diverse learning activities. Explore how these furniture elements can transform traditional classrooms into versatile and student-centric spaces, fostering engagement, collaboration, and growth.

Edushift can offer a large range of Shift+ module options for both student and teacher

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Shift+ Desks

Shift base 4 leg

Shift+ Base 4-leg

four legged table

Shift base folding

Shift+ Base folding

Folding table

Shift base

Shift+ Base

Concave / Convex four-legged tables

Shift Base height adjust

Shift+ Base

height adjustable table

Dynamic Seating

PantoSwing LuPo

PantoSwing LuPo

Forward-flexing seating solution

PantoMove LuPo

PantoMove LuPo

Star-foot chair – ergonomic seating solution

Hokki Stool 24

Hokki / Hokki+

Fixed stool and height-adjustable stool

Cloud Bean bags

Cloud Bean bags

Soft seating

Shift+ Storage

Shift landscape cabinet

Shift+ Straight

Mobile cabinet elements

Shift Landscape soft seating

Shift+ Ottoman

Soft seating elements

Shift Landscape mobile

Shift+ Module

Mobile shelf unit

Shift Landscape mobile cabinets

Shift+ Landscape

Mobile storage cabinets

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