EK Series

Large flat screens with touch functionality

The tutortouch EK Series presents sophisticated 4K interactive flat panels crafted to enhance your teaching and collaborative engagements. Certified by GMS, these panels come equipped with the integrated Bytello operating system, ensuring secure synchronisation of Google apps and accounts, while the robust 8-core CPU ensures top-notch performance.

These panels boast advanced touchscreen writing capabilities, featuring a remarkably low writing height and support for palm rejection, facilitating natural and precise idea capture with minimal delay. Connect up to two additional displays using both Type-C and HDMI multi-connectivity options, providing seamless access to all connected devices.

Transforming the classroom into an
interactive learning environment with tutortouch

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Built-in Collaboration Tools

The built-in Bytello operating system provides access to the vast collection of productivity and collaboration tools in the Google app ecosystem. GMS certification means you can rest assured that account and app synchronisation takes place swiftly and securely, with just a single click.

Peak Performance

Featuring the Android 13 operating system and an ultrafast 8-core CPU, the EK series guarantees a flawless conference experience. Enjoy 50% faster performance and make every moment productive.

Fast performance tutortouch
Wi fi connectivity

Connect to Wi-Fi 6E

Enjoy the ultimate in wireless connectivity by adding the optional Wi-Fi module. Hidden Wi-Fi antennas ensure nothing distracts from the elegance of the display while still providing an ultra-smooth connection with the latest Wi-Fi 6E.

Effortless Connectivity

Type-C multi-connectivity provides instant access to all connected devices. Plug in just one cable and connect to webcams, microphones, speakers, USB flash drives, and wired networks. Enjoy 4K video transmission at 60Hz and up to 100W of power to keep your laptop fully charged.

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Optimal Brightness

Well-lit conference rooms create no obstacle to the perfect viewing experience with the PFP EK series. Equipped with an antiglare finish and 400 units of peak brightness, the stunning 4K display can be comfortable seen even in environments with high ambient light.

Maximise Productivity

The Type-C and HDMI outputs allow you to easily connect up to three displays together to create an expansive digital canvas. Use the in-built display manager to effortlessly arrange your applications across the various screens and watch your productivity skyrocket.

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 Model numberEK65GAEK75GAEK86GA
 Display area1428.48 (h) x 803.52 (v) mm1650.224 (h) x 928.26 (v) mm1895.04 (h) x 1065.96 (v) mm
 Screen typeTFT LCD – Direct LED BacklightTFT LCD – Direct LED BacklightTFT LCD – Direct LED Backlight
 Aspect ratio16:916:916:9
 Display colours1.07 B (10bit)1.07 B (10bit)1.07 B (10bit)
 Touch30 points of touch30 points of touch30 points of touch
 Refresh rate60Hz plus60Hz plus60Hz plus
 Glass typeLow Parallax 1 mm airgap/ Anti GlareLow Parallax 1 mm airgap/ Anti GlareLow Parallax 1 mm airgap/ Anti Glare
 Response time6ms6ms6ms
 Lifetime50 000 hours50 000 hours50 000 hours
 Palm rejectionYesYesYes
 Ram / storage8GB Ram & 128GB Rom8GB Ram & 128GB Rom8GB Ram & 128GB Rom
 Operating systemAndroid 13Android 13Android 13
 Audio2x 10W Subwoofers
2x front facing speakers
2x 10W Subwoofers
2x front facing speakers
2x 10W Subwoofers
2x front facing speakers
 Screen sharingYesYesYes
 USB-CType-C multi-connectivityType-C multi-connectivityType-C multi-connectivity
Compatible with

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