Comfort and style for engaging learning spaces

Edushift’s exceptional array of music and drama room tables highlights our commitment to creating an optimal environment for learning. Our thoughtfully chosen range of tables integrates ergonomic design, durability, and aesthetic appeal to elevate the overall atmosphere of your music education spaces.

Vital Role of Adaptable Furniture

In creating flexible and multifunctional learning spaces, school furniture plays a vital role. A classroom must be able to cater to the teachers and learners’ educational needs both mentally and physically.

Innovative Student-Centric Furniture

Learning and the learning environment are closely connected as we teach children the core competencies in 21st century schools, with teaching methods that are actually designed to achieve the outcomes we need now and in the future, through inquiry based learning.

It is imperative to create spaces that do not restrict students development, therefore necessary to create spaces that are adaptable and multi functional to accommodate a widening range of school activities and teaching style in highly flexible learning environment.

Edushift offers a large range of desks options

If you would like to see more options, please contact Edushift and we will be delighted to discuss your needs and suggest a suitable solution for your classroom.

Uno M desk

Uno M / M-Step

Skid desk

EcoTable Q student

EcoTable Q

Rectangular table with square tubular legs

LiteTable st student


Stackable table

Shift Base height adjust

Shift Base

Height adjustable table

Team Table


Freeform stand-at table

Tano table

Tano Table

Asymmetrical polygonal table

TriUnion table student


Stand-at table

Clapp 4Q


Folding table with square tubular legs.

certificate 2
certificate 3
certificate 4
certificate 5
certificate 1

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