Transforming teaching with cutting-edge tutortouch interactive panels

Transform teaching tutortouch


Transforming teaching with cutting-edge tutortouch interactive display panels.

tutortouch interactive panels have transformed classrooms by constructing engaging learning spaces for collaboration and creativity enhancing the pedagogy of dynamic modern student focused schools.

tutortouch is known as being a plug and play device thus exploring basic features is quickly learned. “Playing” is the best way to learn new variations of lesson presentation & gamification. Collaborating with fellow educators to further enhance understanding and innovative use of these panels create collaborative learning environments.

Bytello Class – our incredibly useful lesson planning software integrates the interactive panels into any subject or lesson. It helps make learning more visually engaging by allowing educators to use the whiteboard feature for annotations, sketches, and other visual aids such as 3D tours and experience virtual reality.

Collaboration is further boosted by Bytello Share, a program that lets students and teachers mirror their device screens to work together on shared documents or presentations.

The use of visual and gamified elements makes learning more immersive and engaging, instead of traditional worksheets, educators can use interactive apps, digital maps, and collaborative platforms to enhance student work.

Digital teaching tools are a crucial part in an enquiry-based 21st Century Classroom – Educators are encouraged to use technology in classrooms to upskill their teaching style. By using the Note App for interactive lessons we create integrated productivity suites like WPS Office, as well as, visually appealing materials with tools like Palette.

tutortouch interactive display panels also help build a positive school culture by involving students in brainstorming sessions for classroom etiquette and basic life skills, displaying daily tasks for clarity, using AirClass for engaging activities that promote teamwork, and even taking virtual field trips to bring theoretical knowledge to life.

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