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Thanks for visiting stand #80 at ISBA annual conference
May 2024

Edushift had an amazing time at ISBA conference in stand 80.

We hope we inspired you with our range of quality adaptable classroom furniture. Helping turn your classroom into an inclusive and agile space for your learners.

We also showcased innovative technology with tutortouch – an interactive display panel designed for schools seeking simplicity, flexibility and value. tutortouch plug and play panels are strong enough to take whatever the classroom throws at them, whist delivering a versatile solution that fosters collaboration, student engagement, gamification and learning. Partnered with Bytello software and device management, tutortouch interactive panels are the ideal choice for engaging learners.

Edushift ISBA highlights

Hokki Stool 24

Our Hokki stool winners are...

Freedom of movement with HOKKI stools

Congratulations to the winners of our HOKKI stools:

  • Read school
  • Hayley Richardson
  • Brambletye School

We will be in touch to arrange shipment of the stools to your schools.

Designed to remove the boundaries between controlled sitting and natural movement, the HOKKI stool allows for constructive movement by engaging the core muscles, increasing blood flow to the brain and in turn increasing the attention span of the learner.

Concave Convex Desk

The shift+ convex and concave are lightweight, abstract-designed, single-seated workstations, widely favored as our leading classroom desks for versatile seating arrangements. These workstations feature either convex or concave sides, promoting collaborative learning setups that diverge from conventional rigid arrangements. The desks are stackable (up to six desks) and mobile (up to three desks), offering educators the flexibility to effortlessly craft 21st-century learning environments.

Concave and Convex Tables min
Drum Table KCSA highlight

Floor Friends

To establish enjoyable, relaxed, and interactive seated learning areas on the floor, whether for individual or group activities, students can discover their designated space for the given task. Offered in round singles, rectangles, or 60° wedge shapes, the mats come in various colors, bringing vibrancy to any dull reading nook, underutilized corner in a classroom, or adding a fresh perspective to carpeted work areas.

tutortouch EK series

The tutortouch EK Series presents sophisticated 4K interactive flat panels crafted to enhance your teaching and collaborative engagements. Certified by GMS, these panels come equipped with the integrated Bytello operating system, ensuring secure synchronization of Google apps and accounts, while the robust 8-core CPU ensures top-notch performance.

EK Series background mockup 2

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